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Produced in January 2013
Documentary Short

A short documentary that explores the world of competitive Country & Western dancing within the gay community.



Merlinka Festival International - Serbia
Oxford Film Festival - UK

Pride House International
Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Austin, TX

Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Seattle, WA





While writing a feature script set within a gay country western bar in Texas (Quick Quick Slow), I discovered "The International Association of Gay & Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs. I found it astonishing that something I was writing into my fictional work actually existed!”


Upon further research, I learned that IAGLCWDC (or IGGLE WIGGLE as they call themselves) was having its annual International Dance Competition in my hometown of Austin, Texas. Since Austin is also the setting for my narrative feature, I saw this as a sign that I needed to visit the dancers and competition organizers to learn more about their story and the true world of competitive country western dancing within the gay community.


I made the journey from Los Angeles to Austin and worked with a couple of fellow producers and dance enthusiasts (Angela Briones & Mita Hernadez) to film research footage for the feature. What we discovered was an active community full of passionate country western dancers  who also happened to be queer. As filming progressed, we realized this was more than just research; this was a story all its own!


When filming wrapped, I returned to LA and used this inspiration to finish writing. As I wrote, the footage we captured in Austin was always on my mind and I swore to myself that I would find the time and resources to share this beautiful story with as many viewers as I could.


The main objective with this film is to showcase the talent I found and what it means to these dancers to be allowed to dance in competitions as same-sex partners. As it stands now, mainstream country western dance competitions prohibit same-sex couples from competing. The IAGLCWDC has given that opportunity to its members, locally and abroad, through their annual competitions, workshops, and events. However, with voices still aching to be heard and dancers still waiting to be seen, these efforts, alone, are simply not enough.



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