“I am drawn to stories about how people, who don’t fit into mainstream culture, take elements of that culture and make it their own. I am driven to create films that entertain audiences while engaging them to think about their own relationship to concentrations of power and the commodification of culture. Being a minority voice within a hegemonic system, I am driven to represent strong characters within society. I strive to give the under-voiced a platform for their stories to be heard.”

- Jett Garrison


Jett Garrison is an award-winning director, producer and writer whose work has shown in over 100 film festivals worldwide. His short film CHECKOUT won an EMMY and his short film JO FM was nominated for an OSCAR. He won the Best Director award from Chicago's PRIDE FILMS Festival for his work directing Season 1 of the award winning digital series THESE THEMS. Jett also sold a half-hour comedy to Universal Studio's UCP Productions.


As a fellow in Film Independent’s PROJECT:INVOLVE Program Jett was mentored by director Jeremy Podeswa [GAME OF THRONES]. Through that fellowship, Jett’s work was sponsored by “NBC/Universal” and featured in “Vanity Fair”. Jett was also a fellow in SONY’s inaugural Diverse Directors Program and was most recently invited to participate in Ryan Murphy’s 2021 Directing Program.


As a Transgender storyteller, Jett is driven to represent strong, unconventional characters within society and shares his storytelling experience with his community as a mentor to young filmmakers through Outfest’s OutSet Young Filmmaker program. Jett’s current feature script QUICK QUICK SLOW was a finalist in Outfest’s Screenwriting Lab.

Within the studio system, Jett served as the Creative Director of the On-Air Marketing team at Sony Pictures Television.

Jett is a proud member of the WGA and currently serves as the Executive Creative Director at SixTwo Creative where he works with brands like Hyundai and NBC/Universal​.


Jett Garrison was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and proudly calls Austin, Texas home. He studied sociology as an undergraduate while working as a college radio DJ. During undergraduate studies, Jett began working in commercial radio where he co-hosted a top rated morning show. This experience brought about a fascination regarding society's relationship to the media and an observed commodification of communicating with the masses.


This fascination motivated Jett to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin while Jett continued production and DJ work at commercial radio stations. This combination of media studies and work within the medium of radio inspired Jett to produce and direct his first film, the feature-length documentary PRIZEWHORES about a radio subculture, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. 


Jett Garrison holds a Master of Arts (MA) in media studies and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in film directing from the University of Texas at Austin Film Program, where he studied as a Pic Wagner Fellow.

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