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Feature Film in development.


The year is 1992, before “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and Jesse McAllen has just been booted out of the military and ostracized from her small Texas town for being gay. With no money to her name she moves to Austin, Texas where she meets two queer men running a gay country and western bar. There she finds chosen family and a shot at romance when she enters a gay, two-step dance competition with hopes of winning prize money to go to college.    


QUICK QUICK SLOW is a queer, two-step, romantic dramedy. Think the small town, big beat energy of Footloose meets the heart, humor, and homo-centric world of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert.
                                                                                    ~ Loosely based on a true story.

Script and Visual Deck Available

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*Winner - Best LGBTQ Screenplay, Chicago Script Awards

*Winner - Best LGBTQ Screenplay, New Renaissance Film Festival

*Grand Prize - LGBTQ Screenplay, Rhode Island
*Selection - GLAAD List (with The Black List)

*Selection - Oxford Script Awards 

*Selection - International Diversity Festival
*Finalist - Outfest Screenwriting Lab

Copy of Chicago Script Awards – laurels copy.png

Episodic Series in development

Hour drama. You've heard of a King-Maker, but Addison Lerét is a Queen-Maker and right now she’s focused on getting a woman elected to the male-dominated Texas Senate. Addison’s leverage and power rest in the currency of information and her intel is gathered by an exclusive team of high-end male escorts whose clientele are primarily the rich and powerful women of Houston, Texas.

Pilot Script available.

Episodic Series in development

A half-hour dramedy about a Transgender man who must navigate the perils and privileges of passing as cisgender while learning to date again post transition and divorce. He’s also learning how to be a Trans-uncle to his best friend’s boisterous 12-year-old son. What could possibly go wrong?

Pilot Script and Pitch Deck available.

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