Feature Film in development.

QUICK QUICK SLOW is a romantic, queer, two-step comedy that harkens the tone and feel of films from the queer canon like SAVED or BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER.  Think STRICTLY BALLROOM meets PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT with a dash of URBAN COWBOY, but hella gay and super Texan!

The year is 1992, before “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and Jesse McAllen has just been booted out of the military and ostracized from her small Texas town for being gay. With no money to her name she moves to Austin, Texas where she meets two queer men running a gay country and western bar and with them finds new opportunity for chosen family, romance and her future as she enters a queer, two-step dance competition.                                
                                                                                    ~ Loosely based on a true story.

Finalist - Outfest Screenwriting Lab


Feature Film in development.

Celebrity Deejay Star Bennett is kidnapped by an obsessed fan,

who forces her to make one final broadcast.


Deejay Star Bennett's radio station is changing, and not for the better.  KZTH is making the switch from an alternative, hip haven to a corporate commodity and Star Bennett needs to get out. Tina Meinen, Star's obsessed fan and KZTH intern, doesn't understand why her favorite Deejay wants to leave radio.  Tina kidnaps Star so they can make one last mix tape whether Star wants to or not. JO FM explores what happens to a radio DJ and an obsessed fan as their city's top rock station transitions to a corporate pop, hit machine.

Based on an OSCAR nominated short film.