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Produced in September 2005
17min, COLOR, Super 16mm film

Celebrity Deejay Star Bennett is kidnapped by an obsessed fan, who forces her to make one final broadcast. JO FM is currently being developed into

a feature film.



Michigan Womyn's Festival
Frameline - San Francisco,CA
FilmOut - San Diego,CA 
Image + Nation Montreal - Canada
Gay Life Film Expo - New York
Austin Film Festival - Texas
Video Association of Dallas
Pittsburgh Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Museum Of Fine Arts - Houston, TX
Tiglff Tampa Int'l Gay and Lesbian Film Fest
Austin Gay and Lesbian Int'l Film Fest
Cinesol Film Festival - Harlingen, TX
ITOWE Gallery - Berlin, Germany
Texas Filmmakers Showcase - DGA theatre, LA, CA
Night Gallery Festival - Alaska + New Zealand
OUTFEST - Los Angeles, CA
Inside Out - Toronto, Canada
Blowin' Up a Spot - Austin, TX
Westfest - Abilene, TX


Deejay Star Bennett's radio station is changing, and not for the better. KZTH is making the switch from an alternative, hip haven to a corporate commodity and Star Bennett needs to get out. Tina Meinen, Star's obsessed fan and KZTH intern, doesn't understand why her favorite Deejay wants to leave radio. Tina kidnaps Star so they can make one last mix tape whether Star wants to or not. JO FM explores what happens to a radio DJ and an obsessed fan as their city's top rock station transitions to a corporate pop, hit machine.

Directed by & Story by Jett Garrison


Student Academy Awards (OSCAR) - Nomination

MTV's LOGO Winner - Season 5 Click List

People's Choice Award - Night Gallery Film Festival


Digitally distributed by BigStar TV


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