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Produced in December 2002
10min: Documentary


Austin drag king Mocha Jean Herrup (aka The Lancebian) channels the energy of NSYNC member, Lance Bass.


Cinekink - NYC, NY
Screen Door Films - Austin, TX
QueerDoc - Sydney, Australia
Herland Film Festival - Alberta, Canada
Cinematexas - Austin, TX
Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Fest - Austin, TX
Vancouver Queer Festival - Canada
Ladyfest Texas - Austin, TX
Inside Out - Toronto, Canada
SXSW - Austin, TX


"Garrison's DV production is hilarious." - The Austin Chronicle.


The Lancebian is an 11 minute 'performative documentary' featuring Mocha Jean Herrup, a lesbian who channels the energy of NSYNC, boy-band member Lance Bass. Through verité footage and a heartfelt interview, the audience learns about the neurosis and insecurity felt by a soon to be pop-icon, 'The Lancebian.'





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